I was feeling jealous from her

Dog in the above picture is not mine 🙈🙈🙈

Now when I look back I realize that if I would have been a ticket checker in railway, may be I would have had more fun in life. I ran away from home 3 times in my childhood (Shivering from memories when I was brought back home. LOL).

Same like your’s, many planned trips were trashed out. Sometimes because of Dhokhebaj Dost (Betrayed Friend), Paise Ki Tangi (The great money problem) and Chutti (Leave) but till now visited many places in India, UAE, Oman, and latest one was in Europe.

Thought behind this website is to encourage you to be poor in money but make you reach in memories and to inspire you to go out and live your life.

Because trust me guys and gorgeous girls…