Which Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Europe


I remember a fairy tale my Dadi (Grandmother) used to tell me in my childhood how god comes and deliver babies (Now I know how it actually comes, stop blushing you dirty mind 😜😝😛)  but let say, even if we believe in that story for a moment, the biggest confusing thought comes in mind, “How god knows, which baby to deliver where?”

When we have to use a public toilet and if you are lucky enough to get more than one available, I know you scratch your head to decide which one to use .


I have seen many times a Desi (like me 😜) seating in Pizza Hut surrounded by beautiful girls (I like your imagination power 😜) struggling to decide should I eat by hand or should I show some etiquette and use fork and knifes.

So I think confusion and curiosity are those strong english words for which synonyms and meanings are available in dictionary but it’s very hard to explain and understand.


Traveling that too Europe/Schengen zone (Specially for us Desi’s) is like those fairy tales coming true. We want to visit as many as places we can (specially where Kajol and Shahrukh have performed romance 😜) and also places in Europe which are shown in some Bollywood movies or songs, so that we can change our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pictures to make people feel jealous (I know girls this is your favorite line in entire post 😜) while making sure we save as much as we can because after all we are Desi (And I am a Sindhi on top of that 😜).

So before you even think of applying Schengen Visa you have to struggle with all those daily debate with your wife (Can be someone else’s too 😜😜), Girl Friends (If you can afford “S”😜), Friends or Family members because everyone who is your travel partner has different interest and preference, so I thought of helping you out, based on my research and experience.

So before you even think about places to visit in Europe there are few important things you should consider


  • Trip Duration-Same like mine (Hope he is not reading this 😜), your boss also is not going to approve unlimited leaves and the more number of days you increase, the more number of your wife’s (Can be GF’s also) footwear and cosmetics’ load you will have to carry on your shoulders. So you have to decide, will you be able to spare a week, 15 days or can go for a month as well and cover all best places in Europe/Schengen countries.
  • Budget- Being a Sindhi this was my first priority 😜. You should also decide how much total are you ready to spend. Once you reach on a final number, make sure you take 30% additional cost into consideration as you will be carrying at least 1 or 2 additional bags with you while returning back (Can be more if your wife’s family side has more relatives 😜). For a reference you can consider AED 10000 for a week trip as a couple, covering 2-3 Schengen countries, staying in up to 4 star hotels/apartments in famous tourist cities.
  • Area of interests- First ask your wife/GF where she wants to go. List down all those places (I can bet Paris and Switzerland will be there for sure) and then start research to figure out if some of the places of your interest can be covered in those areas. Entire Europe is all about Culture, History, Nature, Food, Drinks and Parties and half of the world is traveling there so you should decide you want to go to most preferred but crowded tourist places or want to explore in peace.
  • Travel Companion- Are you traveling for honeymoon with your wife (No comments for you dirty mind😜) or finally you could manage to convince even your that Kanjoos (Miser) friend and going in group, or the most awaited family get together is finally turning into this trip, you can decide on your destination. Any of Schengen country is enough to cater travel need of any of your travel companion, only you have to choose places/cities considering your travel companion’s common interests. (Click here to have a look at all famous places in Europe https://1number.me/schengen-countries-with-famous-tourist-attraction-europe/ )
  • Number of countries to visit- As your Schengen visa will permit you to enter up to 26 European countries (http://www.schengenvisainfo.com/) (Refer my blog on Schengen Visa from Dubai , so do you want to keep yourself engaged in traveling and to cover as many countries as possible or you want to limit travel part to 2-3 countries and feel the trip. Checkout famous tourist places in all Schengen/European countries
  • Understand Schengen Zone Map- You must be thinking why am I forcing you to join Geography class (Where I was below average student 😜) again but before you finalize the list of famous tourist places you want to visit check geographically where are they located. In order to plan your trip in sequence, as this is very necessary to optimally utilize your precious vacation time.


  • Tour Package or Planning at own- You will see many of tour and travel companies promoting travel packages for Europe. Considering the fact those are in general expensive, sometimes you may get good deals which can save you lot of money. This is again very subjective and depend upon personal preference. Tour packages will cover famous tourist places in specific European country, and run in groups. So if you don’t want to invest time in research check for some good tour package deal to Europe but be ready to visit like a typical tourist (Sometimes weird looking) packed under those silly tour buses. other side if you can put an effort to research, planning at your own is always advisable, as this will save your money also and you can plan journey at your own preferences rather being guided like crowd in a mela (Crowded fair), and can cover countrysides apart from famous tourist places.

I have listed most of the thoughts I have gone through during my Europe trip planning, however there could be many other factors influencing individual decisions (Most of the time beyond your control once, like W*F* 😜) but I know how important it is to talk to your girlfriend over phone, in night till she fall sleep, so for all my poor male friends and uncles (How can I forget you gorgeous ladies 🙈), if you are confused which country to go, checkout famous tourist places in Europe for all 26 Schengen countries covered under Schengen Visa (Croatia and Bosnia also, if you get multiple entry Schengen Visa) using below link

Now as you have seen all those beautiful famous places in Europe and blushed alone but still want to checkout famous cities in Europe/Schengen zone, here is my hand-picked list of famous cities in Europe.

I have tried my level best to pull out the overload of information I gathered for my Europe trip in some sequential way, but still if you have any question for which I may know the answer, but could not consider here, please feel free to ask in comments below.

It took me almost 2 months to finalize which all places to visit in Europe/Schengen Zone so I thought of saving some of your time. You can share this blog easily on any of your social media account by just clicking buttons below to let other people also get some benefit.

After all sharing is caring…!!!


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