Famous Cities to Visit in Europe

I must have got more than 100 white hairs (NA for girls 🙈)  because of thinking again and again, which all cities should I visit in my Europe Trip? Each time googling different places and ending up in confusion had taken out many nights of sleep.

But I don’t want girls to get uncomfortable with their boy’s white hairs in parties 😜😝😛, so here it comes my hand-picked list of Famous Cities to Visit in Europe, most of which you can cover under your Schengen visa (Until and unless there is no specific restriction)

Each picture has a link below, which can redirect you to that city’s tourist information page.

So chill out cool dudes and gorgeous girls (Uncle and evergreen aunties too) and get ready to fall in love with Europe…!!!

PN-For Bosnia and Croatia, you may need Schengen Multiple Entry Visa 

Where to go in Europe