Which Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Europe


I remember a fairy tale my Dadi (Grandmother) used to tell me in my childhood how god comes and deliver babies (Now I know how it actually comes, stop blushing you dirty mind 😜😝😛)  but let say, even if we believe in that story for a moment, the biggest confusing thought comes in mind, “How god knows, which baby to deliver where?”

When we have to use a public toilet and if you are lucky enough to get more than one available, I know you scratch your head to decide which one to use . Continue reading “Which Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Europe”

Schengen Visa Application from Dubai


I have seen many interesting travel plans getting trashed because of many reasons and Visa Rejection is one of them. Therefore it is necessary that you plan any of your holiday considering all legal travel requirements in advance, because I know how it feels, when you are about to pack your bags and get such unexpected surprise which may even spoil your vacation mood.

I am sharing my personal experience of obtaining Single Entry Schengen Visa (Short term visa/Europe Visa) here, which was approved at single attempt without any hurdles. Continue reading “Schengen Visa Application from Dubai”