Trust me I am struggling to type while writing this part, as it is as boring for me to write, as for you to read, but as someone says, “Precaution is better than cure”, so to avoid anything unexpected, considering this also as part of my work.

Terms of Use


It feels very good when someone appreciate your work and same as for me it makes me very happy that you spare time going through my website, however please note I am not a professional and anything written on this website is just expression of my thoughts, therefore you are reading it at your own risk and own free will. As a normal human being I am always excited to hear views and opinion of mates, however anything which found to be offensive/Vulgar or not suitable for common public will be removed immediately. (Let’s act like human only)

Copyright Policy



Obviously as its a blog, so its the expression of my thoughts, feeling, observations containing my own words, pictures and other material, unless otherwise noted. So I am very proud to declare that I am the legal copyright holder for anything on this website, therefore be aware of not using any content without my written consent.

I may use few pictures and reference available on free internet to give more visual impact on my thoughts but any such content remains the property of copyright holder. If there is an image appearing on my blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please e-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

Hold Harmless


I never feel ashamed in admitting that I am also a common man like millions out there and I am not a professional in giving any medical, legal or professional advice, so using any published information from my website is at your own risk…!!!

Privacy Policy


Writing blog is evolving like a hobby for me, so I am not going to share any of your personal or contact information to anyone, however in current technological and freedom era I am not responsible for privacy practice of any advertiser or blog commenters.

Reserve Rights


As you own your car, your house, your bank balance, same wise this website is my own property and as you have rights to do anything with your property, same wise I reserve rights to change the focus of blog, shut it down, sell it or change terms of use at my own discretion at anytime.

Advertisers and Sponsors


When you go to a mall and do shopping or dine at any restaurant and if you come across any problem, you speak to the shopkeeper or restaurant owner, not the mall management, same wise I am not responsible for any action committed by advertisers or sponsors. Again want to reiterate before buying any product, services based on reviews posted on this website, please use your own discretion and contact the seller directly for any clarity or dispute.

Letters to the Editor


Curiosity is something which has taken us out to Mars, so I will always love to hear from all of you through any possible mode of communication (Social, personal etc) and if I found your words as kind of appreciation of my work, I may use it to post on my blogs.

Thank you so much for even reading the most boring part of my website but I expect you to compliance with all above.