cartoon-man-with-a-question-mark-and-a-light-bulb-vector-1759618There was a time when people used to write to Vividh Bharati (An Indian old radio channel) or Madhurima (An Indian news paper’s weekly magazine)-(I saw you dirty mind..LOL), but we have reached to an era where if someone get loose motion, he/she will google it first seating on the toilet seat and trust me if you take all cause, implications, and advice available online seriously, you will be forced to count down life’s last moments.

I am sure there could be thousands of, millions of questions coming into your mind while planning your vacation. I am trying to answer top few here, which may save your hair fall (Result of scratching your head while googling)

Q- Why 1number?

A- Being a proudly Indori (A famous foodie town in central India), we use 1number (Ek Number) for something to appreciate or to complement someone. Like if you want to say, you have done a good job, say “1number (Ek Number) Kaam” (Ek Number Job)


Q- Should we take a travel package or book at our own while traveling to Europe (Schengen)?

A- It depends on what is your priority. Accept the fact that packages are always expensive
(Consider that’s there bread and butter) but could be a very reasonable option also when visiting famous tourist places as provider does bulk bookings. Planning and booking at your own will require a lot of research and time investment but will leave ever lasting memories as from the moment you start research, you feel getting into places you will be visiting. In nut shell, if you want to visit like a tourist take reasonable travel package, but if you want to get a feel as traveler, research, plan and book at your own.


Q- Where to go in Europe (Schengen)?

A- This is the most debatable question for which first debate starts within yourself. You can refer to my blog (Where to go in Europe) to get some help


Q- Which Schengen visa (Europe Visa) do I need?

A- I have written a blog on Schengen Visa from Dubai. I hope this may help.

Q- How much money do I need to travel Europe (Schengen)?

A- Endless…LOL. This is purely on your preference. There are bag-packers, who travel on budget and spend reasonable and there are luxuries tourist, who help in earning bread and butter to many sellers. My recommendation is save on flight tickets, hotels, food and spend on activities, experience and shopping which will leave long lasting memories.


Q- Do we need to know local language while visiting non touristic places in Europe (Schengen)?

A- Being Indian I have seen languages getting changes at each 10 KM but we all are human being and English is widely spoken language. I came across many Indian labor workers, who doesn’t even know Hindi but they are surviving in Dubai and you will be going just for vacation. But I also agree, having knowledge of some local language can get you some preference and can help you saving some money too.

Q- Can I use my UAE license to drive in Europe (Schengen)?

A- Being part of the city where you see people spending money equal to some small country’s GDP just to buy a car number plate, we all get influence by such car love and end up affording cars which sometimes influence us even to forget wife/GF. So wherever we go, we want to drive.

Here is a good news, you can drive anywhere in Europe without attending any extra class (I know boring), what you need is just IDP (International Driving Permit). Sounds like a very complecated degree right? So here is a good news for lazy people like me. You can get this online seating on your toilet seat. Just visit http://www.atcuae.ae/mobility-and-travel/international-driving-license and by uploading required documents (DL, EID, Passport/Visa copy) and paying fee online (As far I remember, it was AED 150), you can get your IDP delivered at your home. This may look like passport, but dont get excited, its kind of conversion of license into different languages.

So just get it and rock the road in Europe too.

Dont forget to carry your UAE original license with you on your trip.


Q- Is it safe to travel Europe (Schengen)?

A- I believe when something has to happen, this may happen seating at home also, but we never felt uncomfortable or insecure on our trip. Just an advice to avoid uncertain risk, keep reading news about the places you are visiting. This may help you getting some information about local happenings, weathers, events and many more useful things.

Q- Can I visit Bosnia or Croatia with my Schengen Visa, even if they are not part of Schengen agreement?

A- I don’t have any personal experience on this but I came across this FAQ during my research on lonelyplanet, where someone claimed traveling to these countries with multiple entry Schengen Visa.

Q- What kind of clothes should I take on my trip to Europe (Schengen)?

A- My advice is only for boys, as I know girls are going to escape this question. LOL 🙂 Europe is a cold continent and if you are traveling from Middle East, we are used to of burning summer, so doesn’t mater which month you are traveling in, always keep some warm clothes. Winters take out all your non used heavy jackets lying inside wardrobe.


Q- Do I get paid to write all these?

A- Not as of now but I don’t mind if you want to deposit some amount in my account. Do let me know so that I can share my account number. LOL

Q- From where do I get my beard trimmed?

A- Ramesh Barbar, near Dubai Museum.


Please don’t hesitate to ask any other relevant (Even irrelevant) question you have. I will try to answer most of them with best of knowledge.


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